Reasons Many Drivers Don’t Buy Car Insurance

Find out the main reasons many drivers don’t buy car insurance. And visit our website if you want auto insurance online quotes and avoid becoming uninsured.

  1. new1 - Car insurance 1Car insurance is expensive. Not all drivers afford paying car insurance, especially since the economy was not looking bright in the past years. People are willing to risk the penalties of driving without insurance in order to save money right now. Data show that the average amount spent on car insurance in the United States is $846 a year.  And many people prefer to pay for other living expenses. Low income drivers should search for state promoted insurance programs.
  2. They don’t drive regularly People who work from home, for example, may not feel the need to buy coverage for their cars. If most of their travelling involves going to the shop or market and back, it could seem that taking out cover isn’t worth it. But the reality is that most accidents happen close to home. So, if you’re driving a car, even once a month one mile away from home, insurance is vital.
  3. They don’t trust the insurance companies.  While some consumers’ lack of trust comes from poor customer service experiences with past insurers, many people just feel that insurance company’s flashy advertisements do not match with their services. Many customers just want to know that their needs are being understood and met with frequent communication between agent and client.
  4. Complicated terminology. Many consumers simply don’t have trust buying a product they don’t understand. Insurance policies are products with their own sets of complicated terms and exceptions. Policies are even more confusing if there’s little contact between customers and agents. When consumers are confused and feel like they’re not being helped or benefitting from the insurance, they don’t see the point in keeping the policy. After all, while would they spend money every month for something they don’t understand so well?

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