What Is a “High-Risk” Driver

Being labeled as: high-risk driver’ has really unpleasant consequences. Such persons usually pay double or triple more than their counterparts for the same coverage level Insurance companies use similar factors to determine if a person is high risk driver or not. Find out more what a high-risk driver is and get free car insurance quotes from our website.

auto1 - car_insurance_worldsDrivers accused of DUI and DWI are certainly high-risk drivers. DUI and DWI are acronyms for driving under the influence and driving while impaired. Both terms refer to the same thing, drinking too much and driving a motorized vehicle or for that matter any substance altering your ability to drive a motorized vehicle. A DUI on your record most definitely qualifies you as high risk.

Having multiple points on your records is also a bad mark.  A combination of multiple traffic violations or at fault accidents can force you into the high risk category. More than two of any type of tickets adds up to more than 6 points on your record. More than six points means you are no longer welcome with a preferred insurance carrier.

Most preferred insurance carriers do not accept drivers with no prior insurance. Preferred carriers that do accept no prior insurance will charge a higher rate. If you are a licensed driver, insurance is always required in some form, whether it is being listed as a driver on a policy or having a non-owner policy. Drivers with no prior insurance can pay rates as high as a driver with a DUI traffic violation.

And there are many other factors that may make companies consider you a high-risk driver. More and more companies rely on credit score to determine the risk profile of an potential client. Financial stability is also an important factor.

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